2012 - Restricted competition, Urban Plan “Orla Litoral do Sul de Espinho, Espinho”
2012 - Restricted competition, Urban Plan “Praia de Paramos, Espinho”
2010 - Restricted competition, Maitiga Mall, Tripoli, Libya
2009 - Restricted competition, Golf Houses, in Golf “Vale Pisão”, Santo Tirso
2008 - Restricted competition, National Nautical Center, Melres
2007 - Restricted competition, Multi-Purpose Pavilion of Cartaxo
2006 - Restricted competition, new Vodafone’s Head Office in Oporto
2006 - Pré-qualifying competition, Oporto Ring Rehabilitation - “Estrada da Circunvalação”, Oporto, Matosinhos, Maia, Gondomar City Hall
2004 - Restricted competition, “Pedreiras da Triana” Urban Planning, Gondomar’s City Hall
2004 - Restricted competition, “Casa Branca de Gramido” Rehabilitation, Gondomar’s City Hall
2004 - International competition, Tâmega river Urban Plan and Olympic Swimming Pool Complex, Chaves’s City Hall
2003 - Restricted competition, Gouveia Court House, National Department of Justice
2002 - Restricted competition, Chaves’ Court House Rehabilitation, National Department of Justice
2002 - Restricted competition, Riverside Urban Rehabilitation, Gouveia’s City Hall
2002 - Restricted competition, “Bairro dos Ferreiros” Urban Rehabilitation, Vila Real
2001 - Public competition, Vila da Madalena Urban Rehabilitation, Pico Island, Azores
1999 - Public competition, Health Care Center, Vizela
1997 - Public competition, Trofa Sports Area, Santo Tirso’s City Hall
1997 - International competition, University of Azores, Ponta Delgada, Azores
1994 - Restricted competition, “Viela do Anjo” Urban Rehabilitation, Oporto City Hall